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Mid Wales Women's Bowling Association

Mid Wales Women's Bowling Association Constitution


  1. TITLE
    The Association shall be called the Mid Wales Women’s Bowling Association
    The objects of the Association shall be:
    1. To promote, foster and safeguard the game of  lawn bowls in Mid Wales
    2. To adopt and enforce the laws of the game as laid down by the International Bowling board, and the rules of the Welsh Women’s Bowling Association
    3. To hold Championships in Singles, Two-Wood singles, Under 16 Singles, Under 25 Singles, Pairs, Over 60 Senior Pairs, 2-Wood Triples, 3 Wood Triples, Ruby Triples and Fours Competition. Also a Victrix Ludorum Championship.
    4. To hold Inter-County matches.
    1. Membership of the Association shall be open to all properly constituted Women’s Clubs in Mid Wales that play the game of lawn bowls.
    2. Every application for affiliation must be made to the Hon. Secretary of this Association and must be accompanied by a list of the Office-bearers of the Club, the addresses of the Hon. Secretary and of the green, accompanied by the entrance fee and the first Annual Subscription. Such application should reach the Hon. Secretary at least two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.
    1. County Affiliation Fees:
      • Club fee at £12 per Club
      • Senior Members at £2 per head
      • No charge for members under 18 years at 1st April
    2. Welsh Affiliation Fees:
      • Club fee at £15 per Club
      • Senior Members at £5 per head
      • Senior Members World Bowls at £1 per head
      • Members under 18 years at 31st March at £1 per head
      • WWBA Year Books £1 each ( All Clubs required to purchase 5 books)
    1. The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by a Committee consisting of a President, Immediate Past President, Senior and Junior Vice-Presidents, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Competition Secretary, and two delegates from each affiliated Club, one of whom should be the Secretary. (Eight members to form a quorum).
    2. The President, Senior and Junior Vice-Presidents, Hon Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Competition Secretary shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
    3. Each Club shall elect two delegates to the Committee for the year. Names to be forwarded to the Hon. Secretary by 21st August. In the event of the absence of a delegate the member’s Club may be represented by a substitute, to be notified to the Hon. Secretary.
    4. The Association shall have the power to elect Hon. Life Members of the Association for special services rendered to the game. Such Life Members shall have the right to attend all Meetings but have no power to vote except as Club Delegates.
    5. The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy arising during the year.
    6. The President, Immediate Past President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Completion Secretary shall be ex-officio on all Committees with the exception of the Selection Committee.
    7. A Selection Committee shall be formed of the County Secretary and 4 other ladies duly nominated and elected at the A.G.M. from any Affiliated Club to Mid Wales Women's Bowling Association. Nominated Selectors should be Badged County Players with at least three years experience of playing at County level and elected to serve for a 2 year period. Three Members of the Selection Committee to form a quorum.
    8. The President cannot use her casting vote unless she has used her ordinary vote.
    9. A General Committee shall be held on a weekday during the second week in September.
    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held each year on the second Saturday in October. The Financial Year to end on 30th September.
    2. Ten days’ notice shall be given of all meetings.
    3. Each Club shall be entitled to send two voting representatives to the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for all Officers to reach the Hon. Secretary by 16th August, permission having first of all been obtained from the nominees for their names to go forward.
    4. Any member of Mid Wales Women's Bowling Association may attend the Annual General Meeting but only delegates may vote.
    1. The Hon. Secretary shall keep an account of all the business transacted at the Meetings and shall submit to the Annual General Meeting a report of the proceedings of the Association since the previous Annual Meeting.
    2. The Hon. Treasurer shall render a precise Statement of Accounts of the past year, duly audited.
    3. Copies of the Balance Sheet shall be distributed at the Annual General Meeting.
    1. Alteration or addition to the foregoing rules shall be made only at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting (subject to agreement by 50 per cent of the Committee) convened for the purpose.
    2. All suggested additions or alterations to the rules must be sent in writing to the Hon. Secretary by 16th August.
    1. All disputes of affiliated Clubs shall be settled by the Committee but disputants shall have the right of appeal to the Welsh Women’s Bowling Association whose decision shall be final.
    1. The Association, and all the Clubs therein, shall be affiliated to the Welsh Women’s Bowling Association and conform to its rules and regulations.
  11. DRESS
    1. The dress worn by players in County Matches must be as follows: -
      • Purple polo shirt and purple bomber jacket.
      • Plain white bowling skirt,  tailored knee length white shorts , cropped or full length white tailored bowling trousers.
      • Regulation bowling shoes or sandals

      In view of the fact that the County Badge already exists on the new uniform a future recognition would be in the form of a laminated certificate.
    1. All players of affiliated clubs are eligible for selection for County games and players may play in any number of County Games in one year. Three games will count towards a County Badge. A National or County title will also count towards a County Badge.
    2. All County Matches to be 1.00p.m. for 1.30p.m. with the exception of the Men’s Match and friendlies. County match fees to be £6 to include the kitty and non-playing reserves pay £5 for their meal.
    1. The election of Junior Vice-President to alternate between Clubs in the South and the North of the Association the rota being: -

      South North
      Llandrindod Wells Aberystwyth Queen’s Road
      Knighton Llanidloes
      Brecon Berriew
      Builth Wells Newtown
      Hay-on-Wye Machynlleth
      Presteigne Carno
      Talgarth Montgomery
    1. The Headquarters of the Mid Wales W.B.A. for the purpose of the Annual General Meeting and the Luncheon to be Llandrindod Wells.
    1. Honoraria to be given to the Mid Wales President, Secretary, Treasurer & Competition Secretary.
    1. All International and British Isles Competitors to be given a bursary.
    1. The date for President’s Day to be left to the President to decide. Attendance at President’s Day to be limited according to the resources of the President’s Club and Club invitations should not be restricted to Officers. The final decision to be made at the Spring Meeting each year. A raffle to be run on President’s Day, all proceeds going to the County, and for each Club to give a prize for this. The President’s Club should not be expected to be responsible for a draw prize at competitions during the President’s year in office.
  18. DRAWS
    1. Draws for County Funds to be held on all County occasions. All Clubs to take a turn in providing prizes and organising the raffle.

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