County Finals Day 2017

Programme for Finals Day will appear here after Semi-Finals have been played

Saturday 19th August 2017 at Llanidloes Bowling Club

09:30 am
Monnington 4 Wood Singles
Sue Mount (Machynlleth) v Emma Gittins (Berriew)
2 Wood Singles
Jess Sims (Llandrindod) v Jenny Davies (Llandrindod)
County Pairs Championship
Kayleigh Morris & Betty Morgan MBE
v Janet Thomas & Isabel Jones


10.00 am
Under 25s
Rhiannon Weale
v Naomi Evans
Under 16s
Holly Bailey
v Jodie Wakelam


11:15 pm
Tommy Owen 3 Wood Triples
Jess Sims & Co
v Caroline Taylor & Co


12:45 pm
Semi-Final - Hampton 2 Wood Triples
Kathy Pearce & Co
v Betty Morgan & Co


14.30 pm
Finals - Hampton 2 Wood Triples
Eileen Jones & Co

Kathy Pearce & Co (Berriew)
Betty Morgan MBE & Co (Llandrindod)

PLEASE NOTE: If B Morgan MBE & Co (Llandrindod) are NOT involved in the final of the 2 Wood TRiples
then the County Rink will start at 15.00 pm approx. Otherwise it will start at 16.30pm

16.30 pm
County Rink
Margaret Rowlands & Co

Jess Sims & Co

bowls on a green