Metropole 2 Wood Singles Competition

Saturday 6th July 2019 at Llandrindod Wells

Players must report by 9.30am to be included in the draw

If you are unable to play please inform Audrey Micklewright before 5pm on 5th July

Rules State: To be played down and including Semi-finals on the day

21 ends. Raffle to be arranged by the Officers

2018 Winner           Kathy Pearce (Berriew)
2018 Runner-Up     Pauline Wilson (Builth Wells)


  1. Llandrindod W Price
  2. Newtown G James
  3. Newtown C Barr
  4. Knighton Sheila Jones
  5. Builth Wells C Worsley
  6. Queens Road A Key
  7. Knighton Sue Jones
  8. Llanidloes N Evans
  9. Machynlleth S Mount
  10. Brecon D Hopkins
  11. Knighton L Hall
  12. Llanidloes R Brunt
  13. Machynlleth B Fleming
  14. Berriew N Lewis
  15. Builth Wells S Francis
  16. Llanidloes J Lewis
  17. Berriew C Taylor
  18. Churchstoke S Pryce
  19. Knighton H Peacock
  20. Carno J Jones
  21. Brecon P Cutts
  22. Berriew K Pearce
  23. Newtown K Hopkins
  24. Knighton M Hall
  25. Berriew J Gough
  26. Builth J Thomas
  27. Brecon J Anthony
  28. Churchstoke A Hill
  29. Churchstoke P Morris
  30. Queens Road V Lingard
  31. Llandrindod B Morgan
  32. Carno C Owen
  33. Machynlleth M Evans
  34. Knighton E Sidaway
  35. Knighton B Williams
  36. Llandrindod A Price
  37. Knighton D Bowen
  38. Llanidloes G Davies
  39. Builth Wells P Brooks
bowls on a green